Ranking to BrigadierEdit

Well basically there are many ways to rank up fast to brigadier, the 2 easiest ways with the less amounts of clicking are, using halberdiers (pikeman) or by using infantry with rgd like Grenadier and rifleman. and the 2 ways are similar.
First way: Buy app at Corporal then go to training at the market, before you train look at the training guide which you can find in , check what is the right training for your rank. After you go to market you will get a message about a soldier if you want to accept or reject, always accept, it will help you with your training.
After you promote to 1st Corporal, kick the soldier you accepted (freebie) and buy more apps units from one of the above mentioned and go again to train using similar tactics. After you promote from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant and you buy maximum new soldiers possible, promote your soldiers from app to standard then go train and accept the new soldier, from now on keep kicking the injured soldier and buy new till you reach 3rd Lieutenant rank, kick fee soldier and buy maximum till wage -320. After you buy and you have enough money keep kicking injured soldiers and buying new and promote all to standard after every promote (not to forget kicking the free soldier after every promote). You keep doing that till you reach rank Major, then promote all to maximum and stop kicking free soldiers and what can be promoted keep doing that, should take you in one run training to Brigadier. When you are brigadier you can rebuild into something else.
Second way: Buy 1st 2 ranks Horse archers, then after that buy only cannons or catapults and after Staff Sergeant rank promote Horse Archers to standard and keep all your other army app. till Birgadier, now if you get alot of money from daily merchanting it will be easy for you just to forceheal the first injured catapult. At brig or colonel kick the Horse Archers and buy advanced Catapult or Std minimum and start joining sfs from Brig till maj general and after that you can enjoy pvps. This way needs alot of clicking so if you want to go this way make sure you can click.

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